9 Tips for Building Site Traffic with Video Marketing

Web video is a hot commodity. So hot in fact that in countries where the primary means of connecting to the Internet is through a cell phone, people are watching videos on those tny little screens. Some age groups are even claiming – according to polls – that they’re watching more web video and less TV. So web video is, to put it mildly, important online content.

Movie companies are realizing that as theater and DVD profits sink, there’s a mostly untapped web video market available, and for the right medium of delivery and price, they could profit from web video. Instead of shunning it, thereby helping pirated copies of their movies thrive on Google Video and other sites, they could control the copies.

Many TV networks now air shows online, at least in North America. (They get the benefit of knowing where viewers are from, approximately, and can block viewers geographically, if they want – and they usually do.) Including such shows, according to comScore, 138 million Americans watched 9.5 billion videos online [via NewTeeVee].

Benefits of Using Web Video

You can make web video work for you, and you don’t even have to produce the content. Here are some of the benefits of using web video, either on your site or at video sharing sites.
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