Cornerhost Hosting Review by

We run as well as other sites on Cornerhost and we love it. Cornerhost is owned by Michal Wallace. He pretty much admits to starting the company by accident. As far as shared hosting goes it is by far the most affordable and reliable that I have ever used. And I’ve used every web host out there. It’s definitely not for everyone. It has no self installing scripts. So you have to be somewhat tech savvy. It has no bells and whistles. However it has something that far exceeds anything I’ve ever had in any web host. Michal develops a relationship with every customer whether big or small and really knows how to work with his customers.

To me developing that relationship with the owner of a small business is huge. It makes me feel like he’s doing me a favor and I’m doing him a favor. It’s a pretty standard LAMP Server setup that is very reliable as well. To me as long as I get what I need technically and then great service on top of that I’m a happy camper.

Who I would recommend Cornerhost to

Cornerhost is a small scale mom and pop style web hosting company. If you are just setting out to move from a hosted platform to a more personable and friendly service this is a great option. You may need to find someone to help you setup WordPress but it’s a great and more than adequate service. It’s had nearly 100% uptime for me even in the midst of high Digg and Reddit Traffic.

Who I wouldn’t reccommend Cornerhost to

I wouldn’t recommend it to a total newbie, or someone who is looking for a full service hosting company. Service is more than adequate for mid level small business customers who aren’t getting a mound of traffic.