AUSWEB Hosting Review by

When we were planning to launch our Australian credit card comparison site,, we knew it would be important to find a host who was located in Australia who could deal with any of our email and telephone questions during normal business hours. However, reliability was top of our priority list because, thanks to hindsight, we knew how damaging a prolonged period of downtime can be in terms of branding, search engine ranking and profitability. Therefore, price was less of an issue in our decision-making process. We chose AUSWEB in 2007 and have been pleased with their service ever since.


One of the biggest benefits of AUSWEB hosting has to be their customer service. To say they deal with any and all technical queries in a fast and efficient manner would be an understatement to say the least: in my experience of hosting with AUSWEB, any support tickets, both billing and technical related, were answered within hours, and an answer within the hour is not uncommon.

AUSWEB may have great customer service and a wide range of Linux and Windows hosting as well as shared and dedicated hosting services running off cPanel and WHM control panels, but they remain affordable. Their reliability is also top notch: I’ve not had any significant downtime in over a year using them.

Fast hosting is touted by many hosting companies, but again, AUSWEB do not disappoint in this regard.


Finding fault in AUSWEB is actually much easier to say than do. I have been using their reseller hosting for over a year and can honestly say that apart from the occasional issue with the slow delivery of email, AUSWEB have performed beyond my expectations even during very busy periods.

Who It Suits

AUSWEB aren’t some one-man-band with a reseller account and reselling on. They have full time staff and a modern datacenter in Australia, all of which means they can offer a wide range of hosting plans to suit a wide range of needs. Whether you are a blogger looking for a WordPress host or a business looking to set up an ecommerce store, AUSWEB have it covered.

The Fantastico script library is also available on AUSWEB, which means you can very easily install a wide range of popular scripts and content management systems within minutes. Even if you aren’t versed in technology, you can get a website, blog or ecommerce store up and running quickly. There are, of course, also plans that cater to the more technically savvy: take for example the VPS or dedicated hosting where you have root and shell access with the ability to install and run any script or platform you need.

This is a fast, affordable and above all reliable host with a plan to suit everyone from the uninitiated to the professional.