What are the Advantages of a Paid Web Host Versus a Free Web Host?

Web hostingYou want to start your own website or blog, and there’s so much to learn, including the advantages of paid web host versus free web host . You may not want to get involved in a large financial investment, but you probably want to be sure that your site is as easy to use and effective as possible and that it has a wide reach. So let’s take a look at why it may be a good idea to invest in paid web hosting.

No Unwanted Ads

One of the biggest advantages to paying for a web host is that your site visitors won’t be bombarded by the host’s ads. These ads are used to pay for that free hosting and can make your website come across as unprofessional. Choosing paid hosting gives your audience a more pleasant experience when visiting your site.

Freedom to Sell Ads

Many free hosts won’t allow you to sell advertising or generate ad revenue. That can be a severe hindrance if you’re trying to run a business website. By going with a paid web host, you can earn money through advertising to offset the hosting costs or even make a profit, depending on your goals.

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Better Customer Service

In fact, when you’re paying for hosting, you will get better overall customer service in general, according to Entrepreneur. Free hosts won’t always pay for tech support, so customers might receive little to no help and are simply directed to the “frequently asked questions” page for answers to their dilemma.

More Disk Space

While it may not matter when you’re just starting out, having the option of large or unlimited data space can save you lots of hassle down the line. Free hosts usually offer around 5 to 10 MB of space. Should you want to expand your site later, you’d have to go through the steps to move everything to a paid host.

Secure Server

Having a secure server is absolutely essential if you plan to sell merchandise or services on your website. Customers will not trust their credit card information to any site without it. Free hosts don’t offer secure web servers.

Concise Domain Name

This is a big one. If you want to use a domain name without the bother of including a subdomain of your free host’s name, you’ll want to choose paid hosting. Otherwise, your URL will look like this: wwww.yoursitename.subdomainname.com instead of just www.yoursitename.com.

A free web host may serve your needs, but these are the big advantages of a paid web host versus a free web host.