What Type of Web Development Jobs are Available?

Web developmentIf you’re interested in software technology and enjoy designing application user interfaces, you may want to know about the type of Web development jobs available. Most of the top jobs can be found in the computer systems design industry, but many jobs are also available in healthcare, finance and government.

What Web Developers Do

Web developers design websites, implement program code and develop mobile applications. Their responsibilities include the design of Web interfaces and debugging Web and mobile code. They are also responsible for search engine optimization, graphic design and often company branding. Web developers are important for the healthy functioning of the computer and technology industry because most people get their information through websites on the Internet.

Education Required to Enter This Field

The minimum education level required to become a Web developer is an associate’s degree in Web design, but advanced positions and higher pay are available with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Most colleges offer a Web developer program for students interested in this occupation, and alternative majors, such as a computer science major with a focus on business or software design, can prepare you for specialized positions within this field.

Industries Employing the Most Web Developers

Web developers work in many areas of the economy, including finance, insurance, Web hosting, data mining and computer systems design. The most common industry, information services, employs about 16 percent of the workforce, and the second most common industry, Web hosting and data mining, employs about eight percent. Many people also choose to pursue freelance, mobile development and game development careers, with about about 25 percent working in alternative fields.

Best Practices for Becoming a Web Designer

To get started as a Web developer, it’s important to be detail-oriented, able to focus, creative and good at business. Writing source code requires a lot of concentration because small mistakes can easily cause a program to fail. Designing and implementing programs requires a great deal of technical problem solving at every stage of the process, and Web developers need to be creative in order to design Web interfaces that their clients and users enjoy. Business skills are also very important because Web developers need to understand the goals of their employers in order to build successful, efficient websites.

The Job Market

On average, Web developers earn about $62,500 per year although this data includes workers of all education levels. With advanced education, training and certification, you can expect to earn closer to the top salary of $105,200. Entry-level and part-time workers typically earn around $33,550, but entry-level workers get a chance to learn about the latest Web and software technology while earning a pretty good paycheck. The job outlook for Web developers is excellent. Growth in this industry is expected to add about about 141,000 jobs per year over the next several years, and the rate of growth will be 20 percent, which is faster than average. Web developers have some of the best job prospects in the economy.

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Information technology has transformed over the past 20 years, and computer-related jobs are some of the most abundant in the job market. When considering the type of Web development jobs available, it’s important to think about where the industry is headed over the next 20 years.