What Type of Jobs are in Computer Programming?

Computer Programming JobsAs technology becomes more integrated into the business world, the types of jobs in computer programming are rapidly growing. Here are five potential career paths for computer programmers.

Software and Technology Developers

Software and technology developers develop solutions that directly and positively impacts end-users. These computer programmers use developing tools to create fast, efficient and useful applications. For instance, health care organizations depend on highly functional software programs with excellent security to manage information and patient care. A software developer in a health care organization would work with the latest technologies and advanced codes to maintain cutting edge electronic health record systems. Mobile software developers will use mobile and desktop web-based development tools to manage software development. This entry-level job is quite popular, because the salary is high and there are many career possibilities, according to Salary.com.

Application Support Technicians

These IT professionals support the development of services by providing administration and applications support. They often collaborate with other IT technicians to maintain digital libraries, secure server environments and proprietary applications. Application support technicians use a variety of applications, including MySQL, Drupal websites, proxy servers and integrated library systems. Basic duties include supporting server software, such as installing and configuring updates, as well as configuring and monitoring event logging and performance reports. They are often called to investigate reported networking issues and software and hardware problems.

Database Administrators

Analytical IT experts are needed to oversee and administer highly complex databases. Work duties involve planning for efficient storage, managing routine operations, performing standard maintenance and implementing policies and procedures. The ultimate goal of database administers is to maintain data integrity, security and accessibility. Other essential job functions include data migration and performance tuning projects with database technicians and application development teams. Database administrators often work with managers to define processes, compile data and implement modifications.

IT Consultants

Entrepreneurially spirited computer programmers may enjoy working as IT consultants. These individuals provide user consultations and offer customized systems engineering and software programming. Some focus on specific programming platforms, while others work with industry standard information delivery systems. IT consultants will research, design and deliver mobile, web-based and traditional programs. This job requires a broad set of competencies, such as systems engineering and programming skills, but also strong project management and decision making skills. IT consultants usually have at least four to five years of full-time industry experience before they venture out on their own.

Support Engineers

Support engineers are members of interdisciplinary teams who serve both internal and external customers. They usually respond to complex customer inquiries through emails, phones and live chat channels. Some support engineers specialize in certain programming languages, such as Java. These support engineers maintain and troubleshoot Java web applications. Their primary responsibilities resolve around debugging specific programs, guiding technical updates and maintaining system standards and architecture. Support engineers must have a strong computer programming, but also must excel in collaborative environments with diverse cross-teams.

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There are countless more types of jobs in computer programming available, such as web engineer, software administrator and user experience developer.