What Jobs are in App Development?

The jobs in app development require computer professionals who know how to build responsive front end user interfaces and work with design team to improve the user experience. They need to be able to write cross-browser and cross-device codes as well as problem common solve web or mobile app development. Here are three jobs for computer professionals with technical training in app development.

Web Application Developer

Web app developers create and maintain custom workflows and web applications. They assist with evaluating and leveraging new cloud-based development solutions. They may independently code deliverables to meet the needs of clients, business analysts and software developers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Web app developers recommend and follow the industry best practices regarding system administration and maintenance. They maintain current industry knowledge of development tools, procedures, concepts and best practices.

They may be involved in the entire product life cycle that includes conception, prototyping, development and launching. They usually have the freedom to make key product decisions, so they are given significant product ownership. They often focus on short release cycles, quick iterations and streamlined debugging processes. They should be familiar with Python, .NET, CSS and HTML5. Framework experience with solutions like Bootstrap and jQuery Mobile is expected. They should have excellent troubleshooting and debugging skills as well as knowledge of cloud-based development tools like Azure, Caspio and Zoho.

PHP Web Developer

PHP web developers are responsible to architect, support, maintain and upgrade new and existing web and mobile based applications. They develop cross-platform mobile applications using PHP, HTML, MySQL, PhoneGap and JavaScript. They troubleshoot and resolve help desk needs related to applications through applying diagnostic skills to identify the underlying causes and their dysfunctional performance. They also develop new solutions using high security best practices. They need to understand the principles of database, object oriented and enterprise application design and development.

PHP web developers need to maintain a thorough knowledge of PHP programming and associated standard design patterns and modern design practices. They should be familiar with concepts like Zend frameworks, backwards compatibility, required permissions, base functionality and different operating system. Depending on the function of the mobile app, they may need to have deep knowledge of key phone components like radio, telephony and signaling.

Android Developer

Android developers design largescale and visually appealing Android applications that are capable of securely uploading data, integrating multiple libraries and asynchronously connecting to servers. They sometimes convert existing production applications into modular libraries for packaging purpose and inclusion in existing applications. They may create high grade security protocols for protecting sensitive data that is either transmitted or located on the device. This involves advanced encryption, authentication and access expiration knowledge.

They effectively use cloud technology, such as Firebase and Google App Engine, to manage configurations and event triggers. Android developers follow best practices to minimize negative impacts to the user experience, such as excessive battery drain and unresponsive functions. They work with business owners to understand the project requirements, client expectations and business needs in order to translate them into design and implementation. Android developers must read third party developer codes and understand their flows and functions.

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The jobs in app development are open to individuals who have a bachelor’s degree in majors like computer science and engineering as well as software development and programming. These degrees will teach students about the foundations of software design, infrastructure and architecture. They may learn JAVA, C++ and object-oriented programming.