What is Shared Web Hosting?

Shared web hosting is one of the most popular types of third-party web services. It is often used with some of the most accessible and universal platforms in the world, such as Drupal and WordPress. While shared web hosting is often marketed as an affordable solution with unlimited services, there specific advantages and disadvantages to this type of web service.

What is Shared Web Hosting?

Shared web hosting is when multiple websites share a single, large server. Web hosting companies can provide their service at cheaper rates because they are bundling multiple sites together on the same server. Shared web hosting is definitely the most economical option when it comes to commercial web hosting services. When you consider the fact that a dedicated web server costs $150 to $200 per month, a $10 monthly deal for a shared web host service is extremely appealing.

These low contract rates are possible because thousands of websites collectively contribute maintenance fees together. Web hosting competition has resulted in technology improvements, such as user friendly administrator panels. A single web host company can economically employ a few highly skilled professionals to take care of issues and updates for hundreds of clients. These same companies will most likely offer scalable solutions, so clients can upgrade their service contracts to meet their hosting needs.

Commercial Caveats

There are definite disadvantages of shared web hosting services and dishonest drawbacks to how web hosting companies market and advertise their services. First, shared web hosting servers come with relatively slower server response times when compared to dedicated servers. Second, some web hosting companies intentionally oversell their servers, so this causes regular lagging, downtimes and bandwidth bottlenecks.

Most shared web hosting companies offer unlimited disk space, domains and bandwidth. In reality, nothing in life is free or perfect. Shared web hosting services are ideal for smaller websites used by bloggers, private groups and small businesses. If most of the users on the server do not need optimal speed, space and bandwidth, then the shared web hosting is very beneficial. However, popular websites with consistent traffic will use up too much server resources. Ideally, the web hosting company will send out a notification and request the client to upgrade their service level.

How to Start a Career in Shared Web Hosting?

The first step is to earn a degree in any technical field, such as computer science, information technology, information systems or web development. Next, acquire good knowledge of server operating systems, such as Mac OS X Server and Windows Small Business Server 2008, as well as web editing programs, such as Dreamweaver and Visual Studio. Study Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint and Microsoft.Net, according to PC Magazine.

Consider learning about software development, graphic editing applications and relational database structures and programs. Anyone who deals with shared web hosting will need to know how to independently set up, configure, monitor and fine tune server infrastructure, operating systems, web server applications and third-party web software. They may be required to setup, configure and manage security policies, Intranet procedures and enterprise-class server environments.

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Shared web hosting is an affordable way for individuals and businesses with limited need to manage their websites. Shared web hosting professionals provide expert assistance to clients regarding technical issues, customer needs and system management.