What is cPanel Web Hosting?

Website development is becoming easier to do with the invention of interfaces like cPanel web hosting. As web hosting becomes more evolved, the ability to manage websites via a proper hosting platform becomes a much needed necessity. Control panel software is used in managing hosting platforms and the website effectively. The use of graphical or web based interfaces provide ease of use and effectiveness for any level of developer set to design the website. The features provided by these control panel software applications include file management, user account access using email, maintenance of file transfer protocols, visitor statistics and analytics, as well as space and bandwidth usage details. There are a few different interfaces on the market that allow website management, but cPanel is becoming a trend setting favorite.

cPanel Defined

cPanel simplifies web hosting automation, administration, and development using a web based control panel that is UNIX based. Its three-layer architecture utilizes C# coding that enables web developers, administrators and resellers ease of management of the website they are working on. Since cPanel uses the C# language, development can also be performed using the command line system. This allows web hosting services and their developers to have a standardized administrative system.

Email and Database Management

Within the storage space of the server cPanel offers a wide range of flexibility to include domain and sub domain management, bandwidth allocation, spam control as well as a wide array of other email management functions. cPanel also allows administrators and developers to manage various level of SQL databases. These databases are often used in the collection of demographics as well as compiled data regarding use of the website itself.

Website Statistics

One of the most versatile features of cPanel is its ability to translate, relate and report various statistics regarding the site itself. cPanel has a feature called Webalizer. This feature allows for the website’s traffic statistics to be readily available and accessible. Using raw access logs website administrators will be able to monitor and report what type of content is being browsed on the website. By providing bandwidth statistics, cPanel allows administrators to view the amount of bandwidth that is being utilized throughout the site. Using Logaholic statistics, cPanel tracks and monitors the number of visitors that come to the website while providing valuable data regarding their usage of the website.

Storage and File Management

File Management is always a critical part of web development and cPanel assists with the management of the website files directly from the PC interface itself. Part of file management includes the transfer of files between the working PC and the website server. cPanel allows access to website files through File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Backing up the website and its entire contents can be done manually and are contained in a small packaged Zip file. Recovery will require an administrator’s password. cPanel also has a tool that shows the amount of disk usage and free space available for all connected databases and account directories of the site.

Due to its ease of use and vast amount of functionality, cPanel is rapidly become a choice interface for many web developers. The features and administration capabilities allow web based interaction and development that can be used either through the graphic interface or through command line functions. Many online hosting services are now utilizing cPanel web hosting as their interface.