What is a Web Alias?

The term web alias refers to the way in which you can add new content to your site and import data from another site to provide content for your readers and viewers. Using an alias lets you essentially transfer another website to your own site without actually directing your traffic to that other site. This is especially important when you make money from ad revenue. You can use an alias to draw in new traffic and make more money.

What is an Alias on the Web?

A web alias lets you transform your site and bring in more content in seconds. The way it works is fairly simple. When you type a URL into your browser and click enter, the page loads on your screen. When you use an alias, the page will load but will include the content from a second site. Instead of redirecting your traffic to that second site and skipping over your own page, visitors will remain on your page but see content from another site. Many website owners use aliases as a way to increase readership of multiple sites.

Comparing an Alias to a Forward

The odds are good that you experienced some type of web forwarding in the past. This occurs when you visit one website, but the site automatically forwards you to a new page. KB Toys was a popular chain of toy stores that later went out of business. When the company folded, it sold its domain name and URL to its former competitor Toys R Us. Toys R Us then used the KB Toys website to direct traffic to its own site. Visitors would type in the KB Toys URL and automatically find themselves on the Toys R Us site. An alias will show all the content found on the second site, but retain the URL of the first site and not direct traffic to that second site.

When to Use an Alias

Using an alias is best for those who own and operate multiple sites and want to share content between those sites. You might own one website that offers tips on diet, nutrition and staying health. With an alias, you can give readers and viewers information about the health supplements and other products that you sell on a second site. You can also use an alias as a way to completely transform an existing website without changing the URL.

How to Set Up an Alias

To create a web alias, you must access the control panel and your domain name server, according to One.com. When you enter the personal settings on your DNS, you can select the URL you want to change and decide between adding a web forward or an alias. It’s then a simple matter of adding the new URL that you want shown on the site and making sure that you save your settings. You should always take the time to view a live version of your website to ensure that it looks and works the way you want it to before letting viewers see that page.

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When you own an active website that gets a lot of traffic, you can make hundreds of dollars or more every month. If you want to introduce new content, link your sites and gain more traffic, consider using some type of web alias.