What is a Sun Certified Mobile Application Developer?

The world of advanced digital technology runs on accredited certification, such as that of the Sun Certified Mobile Application Developer, or “SCMAD.” High-quality professional accreditation reassures those with whom you will be doing business that your skills have been verified by qualified and widely recognized institutions. It is always vitally important to understand the value of an accreditation, particularly when pursuing your own education and advancement. Over the last few years, oversaturation has led to some professional standards carrying less weight than others. Generally speaking, the best option for becoming a certified mobile application developer is to go with the training and certification which are provided by leading innovators in a particular field – names such as Microsoft, ACE, and Google, according to TechTarget.

What Is a Sun Certified Mobile Application Developer?

Sun certification covers a variety of aspects of computer science and programming. Because mobile application development, the coding of software meant to run on mobile platforms, uses languages originally conceived of by Sun engineers, Sun’s certification is one of the most thorough and in-depth available. A Sun Certified Mobile Application Developer is someone with an industry-leading certification in programming software applications meant for the smartphone, tablet, or other mobile platforms.

Why Mobile App Development?

As a certified application developer, your services will be in demand internationally, within a growing field, across virtually every other aspect of day-to-day life and business. Qualified app developers produce software that sells for thousands of dollars initially, as well as providing a recurring income. App developers don’t just sell software through iTunes for individual users to pick up; they market their software to businesses of every size, and within every industry, often for a monthly fee. The internet is going increasingly mobile; mobile-friendly websites are favored by Google, Amazon, and Facebook, among other service providers.

Why Sun Certification?

With a long and prestigious list of software development and innovation to its name, Sun Microsystems most certainly belongs on the same list as Microsoft, ACE, and Google, in terms of its overall reputability. Sun developed the Java programming language, and was responsible for numerous advancements in modern computing, such as the current file storage system. Though it was purchased and merged with Oracle in 2010, the Sun name lives on, in association with some of its professionally accredited certifications (note that they are sometimes referenced as “Oracle Certification,” and are likely to be presented as such professionally). In particular, Sun’s certifications include thorough training in the use of Java, which is integral to the mobile platform.

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More Information on Sun Certification

There are a wide variety of resources available online with regard to assessing the value of certification, including the best practices for earning and maintaining it, according to Oracle. Many of them are maintained directly by Oracle itself, offering expansive documentation and direct assistance with regard to their certification programs. These resources will help you get your foot in the door, and set you on the path to becoming a Sun Certified Mobile Application Developer, while ensuring that you know where to look to continue your education, maintaining that vital competitive edge.