What is a Computer Programmer?

If you’re one of the many people looking for a possible career in technology, becoming a computer programmer could be perfect for you. The information within this article will help you understand what a computer programmer is, what they do, and what education is necessary to become one. With technology fields among the largest growing industries in the world, it’s no wonder so many people are learning the necessary skills to keep up the most in-demand careers.

What is a Computer Programmer?

A computer programmer can also be known as a coder; someone who writes computer software. The broad term of programmer can also refer to someone who specializes in one area of programming or someone who can write codes for various forms of software. These codes are used for many different operating systems and software applications. Essentially, the computer programmer writes code that converts into specific instructions that a computer can follow.

What Careers Are Possible for a Computer Programmer?

Computer programming is a relatively broad term. People can use their computer programming degrees and skills to become programmer analysts, software developers, software engineers, or computer scientists. And that’s just to name a few. Since the work is very detail-oriented, computer programmers are typically paid well for their work. According to theĀ Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer programmers earn a median salary of $79, 530 per year.

Even if you use your computer programming skills to land another job like the ones listed above, responsibilities of your job will more than likely look the same. Computer programmers develop, test, and implement computer programs, develop new information systems, review programs and make adjustments when necessary, conduct tests on program sequences and codes, and create technical diagrams to support coding efforts.

How do You Become a Computer Programmer?

According to U.S. News and World Report, a majority of employers require computer programmers have at least a bachelor’s degree. There are some out there however that will accept those with associate’s degrees for more entry level positions.

If you’re thinking of becoming a computer programmer, you should try getting into a four-year school that is recognized for their math or IT programs. Computer programmers typically have degrees in computer science or other IT-related fields, but it isn’t uncommon for these programmers to have degrees in mathematics or engineering. Obviously if you are majoring in computer science or another computer-related field, you will be taking classes that will fit perfectly with your future as a computer programmer. Those who major in engineering or mathematics will need to take specific computer science-related courses.

Aside from the obvious schooling that is necessary, computer programmers should be able to have the discipline to work on their own and to work on projects that could take many months to complete. Computer programmers should be able to work on their own, but also in team environments as well. You should be able to work under pressure to meet very important deadlines and be able to handle doing many tasks at once. Computer programmers are often descried as great problem solvers, active listeners, and critical thinkers.

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As technology continues to grow, the need for reliable employees continues to grow with it. As one of the most demanded fields in the world, those involved in computer sciences won’t see their jobs going anywhere anytime soon. If you’re detail-oriented, love technology, and are interested in creating amazing things from scratch, becoming a computer programmer could be the ideal career for you.