What Types of Degrees are Available in Web Design?

Web DesignThe types of degrees available in Web design today vary based on where you attend school and your future career goals. Not all degree programs are exactly the same, and not all programs have the same requirements or offer the same classes. After looking at the different types of degrees that are available in web design, you might want to look at what type of jobs you can get with each degree type.

Diploma/Certificate Programs

Do you have a lot of experience designing and building Websites, but don’t have a college degree? Many employers prize experience and talent, but those employers also want to know that you have some level of formal education. A diploma program is a short program that can last anywhere from six months to one year. Instead of earning a degree, you earn your diploma. Some colleges also offer shorter programs of six weeks to a few months, that let you earn a certificate in Web design, Web development or a related topic.

Associate’s Degree

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the most common type of degree is an associate’s degree. Out of all the types of degrees available in Web design, it is also one of the shortest programs. You can often earn your degree in two years or less, and you have the option of earning your degree online too. An associate’s degree serves as your introduction to Web design. You’ll have the skills that employers look for when you go to work in the field, but you can also transfer your credits into a bachelor’s program and earn a higher degree. You’ll often take classes on scripting, Web development, design and coding.

Bachelor’s Degree

Some employers may require that you have a bachelor’s degree in Web design or a related field. When you study at the bachelor’s level, you can often choose a concentration that you focus on during your studies. If you want to design and develop websites for clients, you’ll concentrate on Web design, but if you want to focus on advertising, you might choose a concentration in Web marketing. Many of the top programs today have a capstone requirement. During the last year you spend in the program, you’ll spend time working on a final web design project. Some colleges may offer the students the chance to create a portfolio rather than a project.

Master’s Degree

The different types of degrees available in Web design include a master’s degree. These programs are only to students who have an undergraduate degree in Web design, computer science or a similar subject. This degree culminates with a thesis project. Unlike other subjects, you’ll work on a final project rather than a paper. Your final project will generally take the form of a Website, and your professors will expect you to use all the skills you learned in the program on that site. You might create a website for a local business or create a network of linked sites.

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Web designers create Websites for clients ranging from individuals to companies. They must understand the unique needs of each client and how to deliver sites that clients love. You’ll learn those skills when you earn one of the types of degrees available in Web design, which include diplomas, certificates, associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees.