What is Tumblr?

TumblrYou understand Facebook, you used to have a My Space account, you tweet on Twitter, but what is Tumblr? Most teens and twenty-somethings could tell you in an instant. Tumblr is a micro-blogging website.

What is Microblogging?

There are many blog-hosting websites on the Internet. WordPress, Tripod, and other sites offer free or low-cost space for individuals to post paragraphs or pages of their musings. According to an article in Time, most bloggers quit soon after instituting their blog because they cannot get an audience. Tumblr bloggers don’t care about an audience. In fact, in many instances their goal is to remain anonymous to all, but a few friends. They post short bursts of text or videos under their own name or under one of several pseudonyms they use. The length is the key here. Microbloggers post seconds-long videos, gif animations or text messages online.

How Does Tumblr Fit In?

According to the Tumblr website, users are invited to post text, quotes, links, music and videos from your browser, phone, desktop e-mail, or wherever you may be. It attracts younger users because of the anonymity and because of the loose content boundaries. Users can upload ten-second videos to their friends or followers and, because it is done under a pseudonym, the poster is not identified or censored. There are filters available if Tumblr users do not want to receive that kind of content. Tumblr is not intended to replace Facebook. It is intended to make Facebook the venue of an older generation and Tumblr the new and cool destination for people under twenty-five.

How big is Tumblr

Founded in 2007 by twenty-six year old David Karp, the company has grown significantly. It has 177.9 million blogs and eighty-one billion posts. Tumblr employs 239 people. There are more than 110 million posts every day. Recently, Yahoo bought the company after investing in Flickr, a picture-sharing website. Telecrunch.com says Tumblr is one of the top ten websites in the US with 20 billion page views a month.

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How Does Tumblr Work?

Tumblr bloggers have accounts with the service. Like My Space, the pages are customizable with colors and interests. Bloggers can text messages to their page, they can email through their Tumblr address, they can message an update through Tumblrbot, or they can phone their page and leave voice messages. A bookmark feature lets them post anything they find while they browse the web, and they can update their accounts through other websites. Tumblr even has a phone app. The Tumblr dashboard is amazingly easy to use, it allows you to restrict who sees your posts, and most enticing of all, it is free. Users can re-post items, like them, or reply. There is an option to post blog entries simultaneously to other social media sites too.

Tumblr is a social phenomenon that is helping shape pop culture in the US. In the flood of media sites today, it is causing big waves. It may not be for everyone, and it doesn’t intend to be. After all, something that everyone does is not cool and cool is what Tumblr wants to be known for.