What Jobs are Available With a Degree in Web Design?

Web DesignerMost people who are interested in visual design and Web programming want to know about the jobs available with a degree in Web design. There are several types of jobs in this category, and depending on whether you like the design side of Website creation, the programming side or both, you can choose an occupation such as template designer, Web app developer, mobile app developer or database administrator. You don’t need to be an expert programmer to create user interfaces, themes or site templates, and this job plays an important role in website building.

Not everyone feels comfortable handling visual design, though, so if you prefer writing Python, PHP or Java code, you can focus on programming. Whichever way you choose to go, you will have abundant work to choose from, provided you complete your degree or gain the relevant experience. Without a degree, you may have a difficult time competing with the many other people all over the world who are often able to do Web programming and design jobs for much less than the cost of living in the United States.

Duties of Various Jobs in Web Design

Strictly speaking, a Web designer is similar to a graphic designer and deals with visual design elements, user interface (UI) layout, user experience (UX) design and some template scripting, according to Design Modo. Depending on the school you go to, you can specialize in the design side of website building and promote yourself as more of a graphic artist with a skill set related to Web technology. The demand for visual designers in website creation is just as high as the demand for programmers who can code in Ruby, Python and PHP, and if you’re more of a creative person, you can earn a steady living providing art direction and UI theming for organizations that need high-quality visual design for their Websites.

If you enroll in a Web design program at an art college, you will focus on these concepts and most likely not study any programming languages other than JavaScript, HTML and CSS. If you go to a community college or four-year university, you will be able to take computer science and programming courses offered by the college even if they aren’t part of your major, but you may not get the same quality of art education. To find work doing more advanced Web and mobile application programming, you will need to get a four-year degree in computer science. A two-year Web design degree doesn’t lead to a bachelor of science in computer science, because it doesn’t include any of the math or science prerequisites.

Web Designer Income and Job Prospects

Web design is one of the fastest-growing careers in the economy, and designers and programmers with at least two-year degrees can find salaried jobs with companies hiring full-time staff for these positions. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, this industry is expected to grow by 20 percent over the next ten years, and the median annual salary for Website builders is $62,500. This amount includes people who design site templates as well as database administrators and application programmers.

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The educational requirements to become a Web designer are relatively easy for the amount of money to be made. If you have an eye for design, a knack for writing computer code, or both, take a look at some of the jobs available with a degree in Web design