How Do I Invite Advertising To My Website?

Website advertisingThose who invite advertising to websites are the ones making money every day. Those who sit back and wait for advertisers to come to them are the same people complaining online about the death of advertising. As more and more Internet users download programs that block the ads found on sites, more bloggers and website owners find that they can’t make as much money with their sites as they did before. Inviting advertisers to your website can stop users from downloading those blocking programs, make them pay attention to the information on your site and make you money at the same time.

Why Invite Advertising?

Display ads are the simple ads that appear on your site. If you have an account with Google or another paid advertiser, you earn a small amount of money for each person who views one of those ads, but you also earn money if a viewer follows that ad and makes a purchase on a separate site. The problem is that those ads can sell almost anything. A website dedicated to healthy living might run ads on butter and high fat foods. Inviting advertisers to your site lets you decide who and what appears on that website. Finding ads for products that relate back to the information you provide can entice readers and make them click the links to learn more.

What About Invite Ads?

Invitation ads are one of the newest types of ads found online. These ads often contain a black box with white writing on the front or a small image with writing above the products. When a user stops on that add, it will display different writing that encourages and entices readers to click. On a website that reviews cooking supplies, the ads might ask users if they want to know more about specific types of foods and direct them to a site where they can recipes or different ways to use those foods. Invitation advertisements let you advertise to your viewers without forcing ads on them.

Asking Companies for Help

Asking companies to advertise on your site is one of the easiest methods of getting new advertisers. Author Derek Gehl, in Entrepreneur,  suggests that you wait until you build up traffic on your site before turning to those companies. The more unique views that your page gets every day, the more those companies want to work with you. Research the products that the company sells and the way it treats its employees. Once you find a good company, get in touch with the advertising department via telephone or email and suggest a potential deal.

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Getting Advertisers Online

As long as you have a popular website, you can approach potential companies via your website. Include a banner at the top of the page, an add on the side and information on the bottom of each page or post. Let potential advertisers know that you have available space on your site. Make sure that you include an email address or phone number, which lets those potential advertisers contact you.

Running ads on your website lets you make money every time someone visits your page. You can earn money when they view recently updated articles and blogs that you post, but you’ll also earn money when they access older pages. Those using methods to invite advertising to website are the ones making the money money online.