How Do You Get a Job in App Development?

If you love creating games and apps that users can access via mobile devices, you might look at how to get a job in app development. App development is a fast growing field, but those working in this field must have experience with different operating systems like iOS and Android. They also need a deep understanding of various mobile devices from top manufacturers like Apple and Samsung. Getting a college degree is your first step towards finding a job in this growing field.

Get a College Degree

Though you may get a job in app development with just an associate’s degree, you’ll need more experience and a better portfolio. Those who earn a bachelor’s degree can often create a strong portfolio while still in school that can help them find and land jobs. While most schools offer degrees in computer science, consider looking for one that offers a degree in software development. These programs teach you how to design software for mobile and traditional devices and also teach you how to test and troubleshoot your software too.

Seek Certification

When you want to know how to get a job in app development, keep in mind that you should seek certification in addition to getting a college degree. The Mobile Development Institute offers a simple program that helps you get certified in mobile app development, and the Sun Certified Mobile Application Developer certification shows that you have experience designing and creating apps that use Java 2. If you have more experience and certification, you may even find a job that doesn’t require you go to college first. Employers want developers who can work on existing apps and have experience creating their own apps.

Gain Experience

According to Allison Stadd of Udacity, app developers need skills and experience working with various programs and technologies, including Java, XML and SQL. While some of the classes you take can teach you the basics of these programs, you need to gain some experience of your own. Instead of just reading about app development, try making a few apps of your own. Potential employers want to know that you can take an idea and turn that idea in to a fully functioning app. Even if you do not make your apps available to the general public, you can still show employers your work.

Start Your Job Hunt

As you look at how to get a job in app development, you’ll find that the best advice for job hunters like you is to simply jump right in and start your hunt. Create an online portfolio that shows some of the work you did in the past, including the backgrounds that you created for games and links to apps that you designed on your own. Include a link to your digital portfolio on your resume. Employers can check out your work and see what you can bring to the table before bringing you in for an interview. Make sure that your resume highlights any practical experience you have and which programs you can work with too.

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App development includes professionals working on apps for grocery stores, soda companies, authors and gaming companies. As you look for tips on how to get a job in app development, you’ll find that going to college, gaining experience and getting certified can help you on your hunt.