How Can I Get a Free WordPress Site?

Free-WordPress-SiteGetting a free WordPress site is as easy as signing up on the website itself. There are a few different aspects to the site that will allow you to customize your site into a masterpiece that best reflects who you are or what your business is. Primarily, signing up for WordPress is free to utilize by anyone, which is why WordPress is becoming the primary landing site of many businesses and individuals looking to develop a greater presence on the web.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a blogging website in which users have complete and total creativity and freedom of control over their website. What makes this site different from other blogging websites is that WordPress is an open-source format which allows its users to make personal changes to the layout, design, and content of the site itself. The user begins with creating their personal WordPress page name and establishes the metadata that makes the page independently searchable. The metadata acts like a title of the page that enables search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo to find the page by the title itself.

Fully Customizable

For those with some web design experience, WordPress uses simple web based languages that are easy to learn and adaptable. Those without that kind of knowledge can use the simple interface provided by WordPress to make changes to just about anything on the page. Using the Dashboard interface, the user can manipulate anything ranging from the layout to the background display. This allows for a complete freedom of expression and allows the user to make their WordPress blog as if it was their own personal page. By using the WordPress Dashboard, the user can make instant changes to their site. This interface is smooth and approachable, making it easy for even the most novice of blogger to provide content.


WordPress uses an organization system called themes that provide the overall aesthetics of the WordPress site. In this, users can create themes of their own and switch them around as needed. There are also several free themes that are created by others and offered by the site. Choosing themes are like choosing outfits to wear. The theme reflects the user’s personality and presents an image of what they want to accomplish by using the website. There are also several themes that can be purchased through various developers. These themes range in price and offer looks that range from standard blogging to that of a professional looking website in which visitors will wonder if it really is a WordPress site.

Premium Features

WordPress also offers premium services that allow the user to create a greater range of customization and activity that enable the creator’s page to be more engaging. By combining these options with the ability to link a purchased active domain name, the WordPress site can looks as if it were a professionally developed and hosted website. Premium service also provides a wider interface that practically allows the user to have complete and total control over all of the content and setup of the site itself.

As a whole, the initial setup for WordPress is completely free and functional. There are no trials and the site remains active for as long as the creator wants to keep the site open. Building a free WordPress site is reasonably simple and can be done with even the most minimal of skills.