How Can I Get a Free Blog?

Many businesses and individuals utilize a free blog service to increase their web presence. These blog sites allow for a nominal amount of creative freedom where the builder can apply their own graphics, designs, and information. This can be done with very little web design knowledge and can be done by using templates already created by developers of the website. These sites remain free for those that use them but the interaction and ability of what free sites is limited. Listed below are a few examples of free blog sites.


One of the original blogging platforms, Blogger is a general blog in every sense. There are no frills involved and interactivity is rather limited. Modification and addition of creative content is limited and script based. There are basic templates that can be used, but generally this is a straight up blog forum. Its simplistic design and limited interaction factor make this a good “starter” blog or is perfect for those simply wanting to display information.


Originally designed for artists and writers to present an online portfolio of their works, WordPress has found itself to be of great use for businesses and individuals. As required by the original core of WordPress users, the ability to be able to freely create, personalize, and format on the website has driven its success. With the use of Themes, WordPress also allows for ease of organization which promotes interactivity and bridges the gap between users and creators. In a short amount of time, WordPress has evolved from a simple blogging construct to a viable method of website construction.


The unique concept behind Pinterest is that it is one part blog with a portion of social media thrown in. The layout of Pinterest limits user to specified parameters called “Pins.” Here the blogger can provide links, write content, and upload pictures which are the “Pins” in Pinterest. Then, the blogger can organize their “Pins” into “Boards” which are simply direct links to sub-pages of the blog. What makes Pinterest unique is that it utilizes a social networking aspect where other users are added and their activity followed (much like Twitter).

Long before Twitter or Facebook came into existence and the rise and decline of MySpace, blogging was the initial social media. Those who were interested in providing their own content for display did so by using a blog. In many cases, this just consisted of the general musings of people that you knew personally. Users were often teenagers looking for a place to create a public diary. They were writers who needed a place to display their talents. As designs improved, photographers and graphic artists began blogging by creating an online portfolio.

With the invention of social media, an a number of free blog services, nearly everyone is a “blogger” these days.