Should You Hire an Outside Company to Maintain Your Website?

WebsitesWhile large organizations usually employ staff to maintain their websites, small businesses often wonder if it is cost effective to hire an outside company to maintain their website. Management experts agree that there are several business disciplines that business operators are usually better off outsourcing like accounting, legal, marketing and website design and maintenance. The reasons for outsourcing website marketing and maintenance are typically rooted in the time and expertise required to do the job right. Here are some specific reasons why outsourcing website maintenance can save business owners time and money in the long term.

Time Taken to Update Content

Driving traffic to a website is usually the main way that an internet business gains sales and subsequent profits, and web traffic is also a source of additional revenue for operations that have physical stores that are supported by a website. However, web traffic does not materialize out of thin air. Visitors land on a website because that site has valuable, unique or interesting content to read and see. This type of content is written not only to engage potential customers, but effective content contains key words that help place the site in a favorable position within the search engine rankings. This type of content creation uses search engine optimization (SEO) to meet a company’s Internet marketing goals for website traffic as well as its objectives to increase the number of repeat visitors to the site. Business owners and operators can usually learn these important SEO techniques and write their own content, but they risk losing out on other opportunities to use their talents effectively when they choose to spend their time on activities for which they do not have immediate expertise.

Expertise Needed to Make Website Enhancements

The Internet presents some amazing opportunities for businesses that are able to keep pace with the fast moving advancements in information technology. For example, people can visit a site nearly anywhere and at any time because of the many portable, wireless Internet enabled devices on the market. Almost everyone in the modern world has a laptop, netbook, tablet or smart phone that can access the Internet for information or to make direct purchases on the go. However, these improvements have also increased visitors’ expectations for their web experiences. They want to visit a site on their mobile devices and have as great of an experience as if they were connected to a grounded network. This type of user experience is gained by conducting coded website enhancements that create a site that is totally accessible and functional by users with mobile devices. Most business owners do not have the expertise to do this efficiently or effectively so it is one critical activity that should be outsourced to the experts.

Special Skills Required to Design Security Features into Website

A website is a way for businesses to build their brands so making sure that they remain accessible and viable is a top priority for site owners. One way to stop unwanted and embarrassing disruptions is to make sure that a site is secure from common attack by hackers, according to Smashing Magazine. While some of these problems are alleviated by the web hosting organizations that most site owners use, a third party software used on a site is often vulnerable to attack. Unless a site owner has the requisite skill to protect the site from malicious scripted code that is often automated, then the owner should consider outsourcing the function.

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Many business owners believe that doing a lot of the operational business tasks themselves is a cost saver for their businesses. This is normally true for simple activities or those in which the business owner has experience or special skills. However, those who are non-technical managers may decide to hire an outside company to maintain their website.