What is Green Web Hosting?

Green Web HostingSince facilities responsible for hosting websites must be constantly working and supplied with electricity, green Web hosting can offer impressive energy savings. A Web hosting company must have servers that are constantly running and providing the Internet with access to the webpages of its clients. Website owners who opt for green hosting services can be confident that the carbon footprint of their websites is lighter thanks to the policies and practices of their hosting provider.

Green Web hosting is Internet hosting that runs on and uses sustainable technologies including carbon offsetting, green/renewable energy generation, high efficiency equipment and appliances, and data centers and other facilities where trees and other forms of greenery are widely cultivated. Some hosting service providers also promote their efforts at environment stewardship by advertising everyday practices and policies seen in the workplaces and lifestyles of their employees, such as avoiding commutes via automobile by working remotely and using recycled office products.

Carbon Offsetting

The practice of carbon offsetting involves reducing emission of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide in one area to compensate for their unavoidable emissions somewhere else. A company or individual can purchase a carbon offset, which is measured as either one metric ton of carbon dioxide or the equivalent of this quantity in another greenhouse gas. Doing business with a web hosting company that contributes to carbon offsetting, ensures a website owner that the web hosting company in question works to make up for any greenhouse gases that it must produce as part of its operations by contributing to efforts to clean the air of greenhouse gases after they are released.

Renewable Energies

Web hosting companies that run their facilities using green energy through equipment such as solar panels and wind energy generators. Several prominent web hosting companies, such as Host Gator and Fat Cow, have gone green by either relying entirely upon or incorporating wind power into their energy supplies. Both of these web hosting service providers support wind power by purchasing renewable energy credits that offset the power that they consume in running their facilities.

Green Marketing

Web hosting companies that market their services as green hosting take advantages of the concept of green marketing in two ways. They market their services to business owners with a concern for the environment. However, they also call attention to the marketing benefits of running a green website that the companies that use their services can enjoy. Many green hosting companies offer website icons to their clients that these clients can put on their websites to advertise the fact that their website, and their for their business, is making efforts to contribute to environmental conservation.

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Increasingly more Web hosting companies are beginning to go green. This is not only because of increased interest among potential clients in sustainability, but it is also because newly developed practices, such as carbon offsetting and the availability of renewable energy credits, have made it easier for web hosting companies to take advantage of green marketing. Green Web hosting is an already prominent Internet trend that is likely to become more pronounced in the coming years.