What Is The Difference Between Free Web Host and a Paid Web Host?

Web hostWhen you start sketching out ideas for a website, one of the first questions you might ask is about the difference between free Web host and paid Web host. Both of these options have their advantages, but as a general rule of thumb, you should only choose a free Web host if you receive this service along with your broadband Internet.

Some Internet service providers package free Web hosting with their service, and you can use this opportunity to place a simple website on the Internet and build traffic for your domain. If you only need a single Web page to advertise your business services and contact details, this free Web hosting may be all you ever need.

Building Traffic With Free or Paid Web Hosting

In addition to hosting, you need a registered domain name, and some ISPs may offer this service as well. It’s usually a good idea to shop around for the best price because the large number of competing domain registrars regularly offer discounts for the first 12 months.

If you’re starting a blog or a site with regularly updated content, you may want to consider paying for Web hosting to keep your site free of ads. Your first visitors can get a bad impression of your website if it contains too many ads, and you won’t receive any revenue from the ads included with free Web hosting. You can, of course, place your own ads on your site when you use paid Web hosting, and this source of revenue can eventually offset the cost of hosting.

When you’re building traffic for your new website, you need to pay careful attention to your Google ranking. Your site will receive traffic from other sources, but Google searches make up the majority of your traffic. If Google penalizes your site for having too many ads, thin content or paid links, your site probably won’t appear in the first five pages of search results.

When to Use Paid Web Hosting or Free Web Hosting

Depending on the type of site you’re building, you can get discounted hosting rates by sharing a server with other websites or by using a branded domain name. When you first start out, you can get away with shared Web hosting because your traffic probably won’t put a heavy load on the server, according to Boogie Jack. However, other websites on the server may have heavier demands than yours, and this imbalance can slow your site down for your visitors.

Another way to save money on hosting costs is to use a branded domain name, such as WordPress or Tumblr. These free blogging services offer free hosting and a free domain name, and the service from these large companies is always stable. The problem is that you can’t change your domain name or transfer it to another Web host.

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In general, the best way to establish a new website is to provide as much value to your visitors as possible. You can learn what Google considers to be valuable by studying the rules of SEO. The most important factors are high-quality writing, authoritative backlinks and appropriate keywords. When you’ve built one or two websites and established steady traffic, you’ll be able to see the difference between free Web host and paid Web host more clearly.