What is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional Certificate?

Certified Information SystemsIn the light of recent hacking into the information systems of major corporations such as large retail stores and even Internet giants like Facebook, people are scrutinizing computer data storage and may ask what is a Certified Information System Security Professional Certificate. Since technology has altered the way we collect, store and access important data like social security numbers, bank accounts and other personal and corporate information, it becomes vital to ensure that those people taxed with administering the systems are reputable and competent. That is why certification is important.

What is the Certified Information Security Professional Certificate?

It is a credential awarded by an independent organization, overseen by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium. The standards of the organization are set according to the Common Body of Knowledge (principles accepted globally) and are measured by a three-hour test given to applicants. According to the Certified Information Systems Security Professional website, the certification examination covers 10 areas:

• Access Control
• Telecommunications and Network Security
• Information Security Governance and Risk Management
• Software Development Security
• Cryptography
• Security Architecture and Design
• Operations Security
• Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
• Regulations and Compliance
• Physical Security

How Do Applicants Qualify To Take the Test?

First, according to Tech Target, applicants must have five years of direct full-time work experience in at least two of the competencies addressed by the exam. CISSP may waive one year of the required experience if the applicant has a four-year degree or a Master’s Degree in Information Systems Security. If he doesn’t have the requisite five years, he may earn an Associate of ISC by passing the examination in the appropriate area. The associate certification is valid for six years, but during that time the applicant must get the experience which would qualify him for full certification. There are practice exams which prepare professionals to take the exam. Though they are representative of the difficulty of the test, they do not contain the actual questions. Since the test is built around a number of internationally-accepted principles it is given in English and is comprised of 250 questions.

How Long Does the Certification Last?

Regular certification by the CISSP is valid for three years. In order to maintain the certification, professionals must adhere to the CISSP code of standards and ethics. They also must pass a criminal background check. A passing grade on the exam is 700 out of 1000 points. In addition, successful applicants must be endorsed by a CISSP professional in good standing. The credential may be renewed by retaking the exam or by completing a required amount of approved continuing professional education courses.

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Technology has forever altered the way we acquire, save and share data. Electronic information systems are much more accurate than manual data entry, but they are vulnerable to attack. In moments, the personal information of millions of consumers can be compromised. The computer systems housing the majority of data collected and stored globally are intricate and require competent people to operate them. The same can be said of the protocols that protect the data. The professionals charged with this task must be trustworthy and skillful. For that reason, employers and others interested in information security look on resumes for the certified information security system professional certificate.