How Can You Make Money With a Blog?

Blogging for BusinessIf you are interested in a career change or are simply looking for a way to earn residual or supplemental income, you may have wondered about ways that you might be able to make money with a blog. There are a plethora of unique ways that you can accomplish this objective, and reading the information found below can provide you with key insights regarding this economic opportunity.

Blog Basics

Although defined broadly, a blog is basically an online site where the owner publishes blog posts covering topics of his or her choice. In many cases, blog owners run blogs that specialize in providing readers with information on a specific topic, such as religion, politics, food, fashion, fitness, or mental health. These types of highly specific blogs are often thought of as niche blogs. Blogs present their creators with a variety of effective mechanisms through which to build wealth, and some of them include:


E-books are books that are published in an electronic format that enables readers to access and read them online. Individuals who own blogs afford themselves a wonderful opportunity to gain wealth by writing E-books and selling them on their blogs. Through doing so, many professional bloggers have been able to generate six figure annual incomes. In addition to generating immediate wealth for the author through sales, E-books also function as a form of effective word-of-mouth advertising when the reader shares the E-book with individuals in their social network. Finally, E-books help establish bloggers as thought leaders on the topic they choose to cover, and this reality can precipitate even more book sales.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another effective medium that an individual can utilize in order to make money with his or her blog. With affiliate marketing, the blogger places ads for various products on his or her blog pages and receives a percentage of the profits that result from a page visitor purchasing the item. Affiliate marketing is a wonderful technique to employ when one wants to make money with a blog because it typically involves little to no effort on the blog owner’s part.

Pay-per-click Ads

Pay-per-click ads are another effective strategy that blog owners can employ to build wealth with their sites. Basically, pay-per-click ads are advertisements for various products or services that the blog owner will display on the blog. Typically, these ads are placed in a discrete place, so they do not detract from the primary purpose of the site. Each time a blog visitor clicks on the ad, the blog owner receives a pre-established fee. One of the great things about pay-per-click ads is that blog owners are paid based on the clicking, not whether or not the prospective client makes a purchase.

Important Considerations

Although an individual’s opportunity to generate substantive wealth through a blog is great, people who are thinking about becoming bloggers should note that it typically takes time for the blog to start earning real money. According to U.S. News & World Report, many blog owners are responsible for paying taxes and commission on their blogs.

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If you have been thinking about techniques you can employ to generate wealth, you should know that establishing a blog can help you accomplish this objective. Now that you are aware of various ways you can make money with a blog, you can decide whether this path to wealth would be appropriate and advantageous for you.