How Can You Get a Job As a Web Host?

Web hostAs the Internet continues to expand and reach a growing number of people around the world, many with a tech background are looking to get a job as a web host. This is actually a great way to enjoy an engaging, long-term career: Work as a web host ranges from helping major corporations get online to simply reaching into developing communities to offer basic online presence services. Work behind the scenes enables commerce, provides opportunities, and enriches the lives of all who seek to make use of the Internet’s “superhighway” full of information. Getting a job in this field does require a particular set of qualifications, however, as well as an entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to go from self-starter to driving Internet force over the course of several years.

Choose a Path: Aspiring Web Hosts Can Break into the Profession in Several Ways

The nature of Internet-related jobs is that there’s simply no right or wrong way to break into them. Some people pursue advanced education, while others are self-taught and make the best of a few key Google searches. Those who aspire to work as a web host typically enjoy this same fluid approach. The two most common ways to get started in this industry are as follows:

Education, Internships, and Entry-Level Work

Those outside the tech sector have long followed a crucial formula for success. It starts with a bachelor’s degree and perhaps continues with graduate-level education. All the while, these students are pursuing related internships and looking for entry-level jobs with training from the outset. That’s how many web hosting professionals get started in today’s world. College majors in computer programming, computer science, server and network administration, information technology, and information systems, all help to prepare students for a career in web hosting. University connections enable students to find internships and entry-level jobs, enhancing their credentials and giving them a “foot in the door” with local hosting companies.

Entrepreneurship, Enterprising Job Searches, and Dedication

Alternatively, many of those who currently work in web hosting simply taught themselves all of the information needed to gain crucial network administration certifications and deal with advanced server management tasks. In addition to learning on their own and pursuing certifications over time, these professionals tend to put their skills to work either as an entry-level worker at a local web host or as a small business owner. In fact, all of today’s biggest web hosting companies started as a small pet project, originated as a small business that served only a few customers. Over time, and with a lot of hard work, those small businesses grew into conglomerates dedicated to online commerce, personal hosting, and much more.

Networking, Connections, and Professional Conventions

Many of those in the hosting sector combined the two above approaches with a third way: In addition to some formal education, a bit of entrepreneurial spirit, and entry-level work experience, they began attending professional conventions within the industry and learned more about upcoming developments and new opportunities. They then tailored their work, education, and experience, so that they would be prepared to take advantage of upcoming developments. This spirit led to the initial development of cloud hosting companies, shared storage companies, and many others that positioned themselves as the fast-growing leaders in an all-new sector.

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There’s No Wrong Way to Get a Hosting Job

Working as a web host is perhaps one of the most fluid occupations on the market. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those who wish to get a job as a web host simply need to commit themselves to education, entrepreneurship, innovation, and networking, and they’ll be primed for a long and rewarding career in the field.