How Can a Blog Increase My Business?

Blogs will increase businessIt is very common for an entrepreneur with very little experience in marketing to ask themselves, “How can a blog increase my business?” This is a very legitimate question to ask, and learning the answer to this question will almost surely encourage you to invest time and money on creating a blog and maintaining your blog. While there are several different marketing strategies that a business owner/marketing manager can try to promote their business and increase brand recognition, online marketing strategies are becoming extremely popular in today’s modern day and age. Creating a blog, also known as content marketing, is one of the many modern marketing initiatives that will produce a positive result in terms of online reputation and even sales.

Expanding Your Brand and Your Reach

There are a variety of reasons why you should focus on marketing your business no matter how small or large, and one of these reasons is to spread your brand. Your brand is more than your company’s logo, it is your companies entire image. If customers do not recognize your image, it is difficult for these prospective clients to trust and for the company to build rapport, which is the leading way to drive in sales. By creating an official company blog that is linked to your website, you can expand your brand and expand your reach to a larger customer base so that you can build that trust and ultimately increase your sales.

Get Found Online by Optimizing Your Website

Search Engine Optimization is the new craze, and you will not be able to start marketing online without learning about SEO. SEO is all about optimizing your website and your webpages so that search users can find your company by using specific keywords or phrases. There are many different ways to get found online by using SEO, but one very popular SEO strategy is to content market by posting to a dedicated blog. When you create a company blog, you establish yourself as an authority in the industry by giving yourself credibility and giving customers valuable information. By using phrases or terms that are often searched for, you can gain better rankings using phrases that are often searched for on larger engines. By getting better rankings, you can direct more traffic to your landing pages and spread your message to clients who genuinely want what you are selling.

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Introducing Your Products or Services

What you write a blog post, the key is to write about informative content while soft selling a product or service that you offer. Blogs should not be about hard sales as it will be difficult to build trust. In doing this, you can strategically introduce a product or service that is a solution to a problem rather than just advertising. Customers cannot buy what they are not familiar with.

Blog marketing is just one of the many different types of marketing that are growing in popularity online. According to to data collected by HubSpot, companies that blog will attract 55% more visitors and 97% more inbound links. You need to educate yourself on strategies and platforms that you can use, and then use the platforms that have the best track record. Having a blog will increase your business and you can make the leap into online marketing.