9 Tips for Building Site Traffic with Video Marketing

Web video is a hot commodity. So hot in fact that in countries where the primary means of connecting to the Internet is through a cell phone, people are watching videos on those tny little screens. Some age groups are even claiming – according to polls – that they’re watching more web video and less TV. So web video is, to put it mildly, important online content.

Movie companies are realizing that as theater and DVD profits sink, there’s a mostly untapped web video market available, and for the right medium of delivery and price, they could profit from web video. Instead of shunning it, thereby helping pirated copies of their movies thrive on Google Video and other sites, they could control the copies.

Many TV networks now air shows online, at least in North America. (They get the benefit of knowing where viewers are from, approximately, and can block viewers geographically, if they want – and they usually do.) Including such shows, according to comScore, 138 million Americans watched 9.5 billion videos online [via NewTeeVee].

Benefits of Using Web Video

You can make web video work for you, and you don’t even have to produce the content. Here are some of the benefits of using web video, either on your site or at video sharing sites.
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8 Important Features of a Good Webhost for Blogs

With all the web hosts available, how do you choose one? For a basic blog, you don’t always need all the features and features most hosts offer.

Webhost Features to Look For

The following aren’t the only qualities and features to look for in a good web host, but if you’re planning to set up a blog, they’re important ones.
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WordPress as a CMS: Manage More Than Just Blogs

What’s a CMS?

A CMS is a Content Management System. It refers to any type of software with which you can manage files and documents, produced and maintained by one or more people. This includes content for the Web. The term is often taken to mean software for managing web site content exclusively.

But Isn’t WordPress a Blogging Platform?

WordPress is labelled as a blogging platform, but technically speaking, it’s capable of managing pretty much any type of web content. While WordPress is not a full-blown CMS out of the box, it has customization features that allow it to be more powerful than just a blog management tool. In particular, WordPress offers at least the following means of getting more out of the platform than just publishing blogs:
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5 Tips for Protecting Your WordPress Site

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms out there – some say the most popular. However, it does have it’s fair share of problems. Fortunately, the Automattic team do a good job of getting fixes out there, and roll in new security measures into each new version. Once you’ve installed WordPress, you can do a few things to protect your blog, as listed below. (Note: the general tips apply to any blogging platform, but the anti-spam plugins are for WordPress sites.)
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Why Isn’t Stumbleupon Sending My Site Any Web Traffic?

You might have read about how much web traffic StumbleUpon can send blogs with interesting/ fun/ quality content. You might even have experienced such. However, when a friend asked why another friend’s site was not getting StumbleUpon traffic, I thought to look into it. There are several possible reasons for declining or no traffic from StumbleUpon.

Possible Reasons for StumbleUpon Not Sending Web Traffic

The reasons listed below are only possible reasons, based on an educated guess and the discussions of other bloggers. [Read more…]

Firewall’s Weekly WordPress, Twitter and Web News

Some recent news from around the web….

Kevin Rose, aka Mr. Digg.com (which has been valued at anywhere between $0 and several hundred milion dollars), offers, in a guest post at TechCrunch, 10 tips for increasing your Twitter followers. Besides the fact that I’ve never seen Rose write a guest post, and that he left off the most important tip: be Kevin Rose, it’s a good read. But since only he can be Kevin Rose, you’ll have to make do with his 10 tips and hope you’ll get even a fraction of his nearly 90K Twitter followers. Oh by the way, he’s apparently an investor in Twitter. Did this happen before or after he sold his Twitter competitor, Pownce, to Six Apart?
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WordPress.tv Launch and other Web and WordPress News

Here’s a look around the blogosphere at some of the recent Web and WordPress news.

If you need a bit of guidance getting started with WordPress, ElitebyDesign has an absolute beginner guide. Then check out the newly-launched WordPress.tv, and Six Revisions list of 30 WordPress video tutorials.

Word is that there’ll be an online WordPress Handbook which will supplement the WordPress Codex and act as a basic guide to using WordPress.

If you’re still undecided about whether to use WP, take note that blog pinging service Royal Pingdom checked the top 100 blogs as listed on Technorati and found that the vast majority of them run on WordPress.
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Real World Uses of Twitter and Other Twitterbits

Amanda MacArthur has a very interesting list at Mashable of some of the ways that Twitter can be applied usefully in the real world. The list is repeated here, sans details:

  1. Saving You a AAA Membership
  2. Getting First-Hand Reviews
  3. Receiving Advanced Traffic Warnings
  4. Making Travel Buddies
  5. Getting the REAL Weather
  6. Becoming a Super Stalker
  7. Making New Gaming Friends
  8. Receiving Better Customer Service
  9. Becoming More Social

While it is a completely legitimate list, I doubt that the average Twitter user is going to get any of these uses out of it. (For example, I’ve honestly found far more social interaction on Plurk and Facebook with far fewer fans/ followers/ friends, in both cases, than on Twitter.) To benefit the way she’s suggesting, there are a few conditions:
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Installed WordPress? What Next?

snap screen wordpress.org

Installing the WordPress blogging platform is relatively simple, especially if you use a website host that lets click a few links or buttons, type in some information, and voila, you’re ready to go. But what do you do next?

The steps below are suggestions of what to do from the WP admin panel after you’ve installed WP. The order of steps is approximate. [Read more…]

Using Twitter to Build Blog Traffic

snap twitter
Twitter, the popular micromessaging/ microblogging web service, isn’t just for announcing what your most recent meal was, despite opinions to the contrary. It’s really many tools in one, one of which is a way to brand yourself online. You can then leverage that to build up traffic to your blog.

Key Steps for Building Blog Traffic With Twitter

The first step, of course, is to sign up with Twitter, upload a picture or avatar, and fill out your profile. The profile allows you to link back to your website. [Note: plugins specifically mentioned and/or linked to below are for the WordPress blogging platform.] [Read more…]