Web Site Host Review is a unique web hosting resource that aims to provide unbiased web hosting information to help you pick the best web host for your specific needs. Unlike many web hosting review sites, we’ve actually got a lot of experience in the web hosting industry. Not only have we run our own web hosts in the past (we are no longer affiliated with any web hosts) but we have also been customers of each and every host that we review.

Our inside knowledge of the web hosting industry gives us an advantage over the myriad of other sites that provide web hosting reviews. We know that different hosts serve different purposes. A person looking for a business class web host is looking for something different than the person who is looking for a web host for their personal WordPress blog. We appreciate this difference and provide ratings and reviews with these differences in mind.

Reliable Web Hosting

Above all else, we value reliability in our web host reviews. A quality webhost is one that stay stays online and has a high percentage of uptime. But that’s not all. A reliable website host will also have great customer service so that when something goes wrong, you receive technical support that addresses the issue right away are not left in the dark for hours and days at a time. For tips on how to avoid a bad experience, see our graphic Anatomy of a Terrible Web Host.

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Affordable Web Hosting

When we review web hosting companies, we take into consideration how affordable they are. If two hosts provide the same reliability and customer service, but one is lower cost than the other, we will rank the more affordable web host higher than the more expensive one.

Of course, you often get what you pay for. And not all cheap web hosts are created equal. Website hosts including in our rankings will have to also be considered reliable and high quality. In other words, for our website host reviews it’s not good enough to be the cheapest hosting company. You’ve got to be the cheapest hosting company that still delivers the essentials of good web hosting.

Fast Web Hosting

To get a good review from us, a website host must value speed. Search engines such as Google now use the speed at which your website loads as one quality indicator when ranking your website. For that reason, we rank faster webhosts higehr. It’s that simple.

Many shared web hosting environments are overcrowded. The ones we rank in our top 10 will have a track record of not overcrowding their shared environments.

The Top Web Hosts

The very best web hosts will be the ones that have the perfect combination of the features you need along with reliability, technical support, speed, security, applications and an easy to use backend. Additionally, when we consider the top web host for WordPress bloggers, we’ll expect that in addition to all the other factors, the webhost has an easy to use one-click WordPress installation system from the backend.

As our site develops, we think you’ll come to see that we offer the best web hosting information site on the Internet.